Adrian Tjupurrula c 1946 is an important initiated Pintupi man who paints dreaming stories associated with Tjukula, Kintore and surrounding areas. Bold series of horizontal and vertical lines represent ceremonial body paint designs worn by young men during initiation ceremonies.  The body paint designs appear to imply a strong association with the desert landscape, its soakage’s, sandhill’s and creek beds. Tjupurrula’s initiation status and family lineage allow him to paint the Tingari. Dreamings associated with the Tingari are of a secret and sacred nature as it is important men’s business that forms the foundation of much of their law.

Adrian’s family linage includes many great artists. Adrian Tjupurrula's  father-in-law is famous Dr. George Tjapaltjarri and his adopted father was Anatjari Tjakamarra (deceased). Adrian’s brother was Nosepeg Tjupurrula (deceased); Fred Ward Tjungurrayi and Turkey Tolson (deceased) are his uncles.

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