Body Painting


Tribe: Anmatyerre Area: Central & Western Desert Born: c. 1965 Anna Price Petyarre was born c. 1965 and presently resides in Mulga Bore, an outstation in Utopia, NT. Anna’s paintings are a reflection of the ‘dreamings’ from her grandfather’s and father’s country, the Boundary Bore region. Anna Price Petyarre's paintings depict the Yam root system, which is a vital source of bush tucker for communities in the central desert. Anna also paints women’s body painting stories and women’s ceremonial stories. Knowledge of these stories have been acquired through engaging in sacred ceremonies and maintaining the traditional lifestyle of an ‘Anmatyerre’ woman.


The Museum & Art Galleries of the N.T, Darwin The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra The National Gallery of Victoria The Art Gallery of NSW The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney The South Australian Museum, Adelaide The WA Museum, Perth The Kerry Stokes Collection Anthropology Art Museum, Perth Artbank, Sydney Holmes a’ Court Gallery Collection, Perth

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