Salt Lakes


Artist:                           Bambatua Cambell Napangardi

Tribe:                           Pintupi

Area:                            Winron, Western Australia

Born:                           c.1940

Bambatua Cambell Napangardi was born in the early 40's at Winron, located on Pintupi land near Kiwirrkura. She has led a tradition bush lifestyle of hunting and gathering. Her stories are traditional inherited stories. This painting depicts the salt lakes common in the area.

Bambtua’s husband was the famous late Dinni Campbell Tjampitjinpa. She recalls visiting Papunya in approximately 1981, whereby Dinni and Uta Uta Tjangala painted a large canvas depicting ceremonial events at the site of Yumari. This painting has been part of several worldwide travelling Aboriginal Art Exhibitions.

Apart from her traditional lineage, Bambatua has inherited stories from her husband Dinni Tjampitjinpa. They have four sons and two daughters.

Her works are quite typical of the works by the elders from Kintore and Papunya. Her paintings traditionally depict women’s ceremonies and her country. The techniques employed here tend to focus on painting in line work and dotting techniques showing Body Painting designs and many traditional symbols seen in Central Desert paintings.

Bambatua’s daughter Christine Nangala is now apprenticed to her. In this learning time, Bambatua is teaching Christine the skills she has learnt over so many years. Eventually the Dreamtime stories will be passed on to Cristine for safe-keeping.

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