Salt Rain


    Born: 11.11.1969 Country: Papunya, Haasts Bluff, Central Desert   Debra is the granddaughter of the late Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi(c1920-1987) a Pintupi man from Lake MacDonald in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia. Debra’s paints inherited stories from her Grandfather’s country including the Goanna Love Story and Dreaming stories from the important Lungkarta site where the Blue Tongue Lizard Dreaming originates. Other main story elements painted are Women’s Dreamings and Bush Tucker. Debra is a part of an extended family of recognised artists. She is married to Turkey Tolsen’s nephew, whose mother is the late Mitjilli Naparulla. Debra’s work is featured in Geoffrey Bardon’s book “Papunya a Place Made after the Story – The Beginning of the Western Desert Painting Movement.”

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