Little Creek & Hills


Artist                          -                       Gordon Barney
Country                      -                       Alice Downs
D.O.B                         -                       ca. 1942
Language                   -                       Kija
Tribe                           -                       Gija
  Gordon Barney was born on Alice Downs Cattle Station in the Kimberleys.  His father was a stockman named Barney Wilknean.  Barney tells of how his father taught him all he knows of the bush and Aboriginal law, and worked as a stockman himself, on most of the stations in the Kimberleys. Gordon’s textured ochre paintings depict the structural forms of the Kimberley region;  stories of hills, creeks and rocky outcrops. As a respected Aboriginal artist and senior Gidja law man his paintings focus on his country, its origins and ceremonies. Care is taken to use locally found ochre stones that are ground to varying amounts to reflect the changing contours and colours of Alice Downs, whilst containing; mainly ‘hiding’, men’s stories within the canvas. Gordon has traveled to Melbourne and Tasmania for national exhibitions.  His works have been exhibited internationally, including the USA and Europe.  

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