British Invasion


  Lucky Ngwara MortonKngwarreye, born circa 1951 on Utopia Station, North East of Alice Springs, Northern Territory.  Lucky is a member of the famous Kngwarreye family clan, including international artist Emily Kngwarreye and they are recognised as some of the Desert’s most intriguing and talented painters. The Utopian Artists emerged with batik and then canvas , “A Summer Project” initiated by Robert Holmes a ‘Court in 1988/89. This was the first time the Utopian women produced their work in permanent form; it had been taken from the ground and body art to art on canvas. Stories were important Women’s “Awelye” including women’s breast and body painting motifs;”Alpeyt” desert wildflowers ;”Yurampi” Honey Ant Ancestorial stories and bush tucker ;”country” stories or aerial depictions of Kurrajong Bore and Hatchers Creek;”camplife” stories depicting everyday on Utopia; an important series of inherited stories , documenting “The British Invasion”, through the eyes of the Anmatjerra.   Lucky is recognised in her own right with for her traditional women’s stories and also paints in a naive style about the British Invasion with her sister Sarah Kngwarreye. Sarah and Lucky have a series of these paintings in the National Gallery in Canberra that were purchased in 1998. Collections: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia  

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