Teresa Purla

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Teresa Purla was born 1963 in Darwin, NT. Her artistic career began after observing her mother, Barbara Weir and Grandmother, Minnie Pwerle(c 1915-2006) and auntie Emily Kngwarreye(c 1910-1996) create masterpieces on canvas. Works enshrine her inherited family history from their ephemeral state as ground painting to the canvas. It was the inherent connection to land and family that invoked the artist to begin painting in 1990.
Antwengerrp-My Grandmothers Country (2015) depicts an aerial view of the artist’s Alyawarre homeland in Central Desert and including her Grandmother’s birthplace of Antwengerrp and reflecting the artist’s intimate knowledge of her desert homeland that is a daily lived experience. It is a fine example of Purla’s use of dimension to present the vast sand dunes of her country that are abundant in various bush tucker foods
Spending time on Anmatjerra lands and in particular, Atnwengerrp, her Grandmother’s birthplace, was a highly emotional and pivital time for the artist. A brief essay by author Elizabeth Fortescue told Teresa’s personal story in a 200 page publication ‘Art of Utopia’. This book is a vivid montage of short family stories and images of paintings by Teresa Purla, Barbara Weir, Minnie Pwerle, and Emily Kngwarreye and highlights these important kinship and custodial relationships.

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