Anmatjerre Lands


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101 x 158cm
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By Josie Kemarre

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My Country, Anmatjerra Lands depicts the land around Santa Teresa and Anmatjerra country central desert and reflects Josie’s intimate knowledge of the area where she was born and raised. It is a fine example of Josie’s use of dimension to present her country, which is covered in various bush tucker foods. This work depicts Anmatjerra at sunset after recent April rains; its arrival being of vital importance to the life cycle of much needed food and water sources.

Born at the Santa Teresa Mission circa 1945, Josie Petrick Kemarre moved to Mount Swan in the Utopia region upon the occasion of her marriage to Robin Petyarre (brother of Gloria Petyarre). Having painted since her teenage years, Kemarre’s art practice proliferated significantly in the 1990s, with her work primarily focused on Bush Tucker and Women’s Dreamings. Her work is identified as being in two distinct styles; aerial depictions of plants in various stages of growth using intricate overlapping dots; and references to important women’s sites within rows of different coloured dots. Kemarre’s Bush Tucker dreamings are among stories that she inherited from her grandmother, the internationally renowned Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Holmes a’ Court Collection
Art Bank

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