Arrente Milky Way Dreaming

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81 x 210cm

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By Justine Napaltjarri


‘Seven Sisters Dreaming’

Yanjirlpirri Warnu Jukurrpa or Star Dreaming is also referred to as The Seven Sister’s Dreaming and The Milky Way and is the Warlpiri Tribe story of the Constellation of Pleides( ‘Milky Way’). Being one of two stories shared by Indigenous clans throughout Australia; the second being the Rainbow Serpent, validates the oral tradition and indeed, these are therefore two of the oldest stories. In brief, depicted is the Morning Star (The first sister who jumps into the sky to avoid the lovestruck advances of óld man Jagamarra’. Her sisters, missing her, join her (next cluster of six roundels.
Justina Napaljarri is a Warlpirri woman born in 1977 in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Her traditional homelands is Yuendumu, 290 km north-west from Alice Springs. Justina is the daughter of well known Indigenous artists Elsie Napanangka represented in the Art Gallery of NSW and the grand-daughter of Paddy Japaljarri Sims (Dec), one of the founding artists of Warlukurlangu Artists Art Association and represented in most Australian Museums.

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