Camp Fire on Country

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122 x 91cm

Susan Sewter

Susan Sewter is a Lardil woman from the Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria with ties to Waanyi through her Maternal Grandmother and Gangalidda through her father.
Sewter grew up in Burketown, Cloncurry, Quamby and Mt.Isa.
‘Camp Fire on Country’, depicts the Indigenous tradition of story time about the campsite. Family gather, prepare, cook & share food & stories. These stories connect us to each other, the land & our ancestors. It’s a special time where all family come together, young & old and speak of the knowledge from long ago, given to them, as well as sharing stories from this day. Our ancestors walked this land that we sit together on & we feel their presence as we retell the stories they imparted to us. Fire is also an important responsibility used for seasonal burn offs & as the custodians of the land, we hold this responsibility


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