Bush Blossoms

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96 x154 cm

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By Dulce Petyarre


Dulcie Petyarre is the daughter of renowned artist Jennie Petyarre, and other prominent family artists are Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Minnie Pwerle, and Gloria Petyarre. This is the oral tradition at work; each story is sung, painted on the ground and on the body. Each story has a specific ground painting and body painting attained through inheritance.

Dulcie Petyarre has lived her life on the land with hunter-gatherer traditions and it is this strong family association and family inheritance line that has shaped her cultural life.

Desert Blossoms depicts a topographical view of the artist’s homeland, Urapuntja, in bloom after the seasonal monsoonal rains brings rainwater south filling dry creek beds and transforming the parched arid landscape into a carpet of colourful blossoms that peak during late winter or early spring. Colourful pockets of purple, red, yellow and white hues and abundant greenery contrast to and form a colourful carpet against the red sands. Purple flowers of the bush tomato (Solanum), Mulla Mulla and Sturt Desert Rose and yellow and white hues from Curry Wattle and the Sunray flowers and red flowers of the Sturt Desert Pea are referenced by the artist. This painting also depicts the desert blossoms and the pencil yam growing by a permanent waterhole, a sacred woman’s area on the artists country that is fed by a natural and rare desert spring. There are many varieties of Yam growing throughout Anmatyerre Country. This spring is frequented by the Anmatyerre women to gather the Pencil Yam Leaves utilised by the artist for bush medicine.

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