Scorpion Dreaming

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126 x 202cm

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By Freddy Purla


By Freddy Purla

Freddy Purla c 1968, is the son of famous artist Barbara Weir, and grandson of the late famous Minnie Pwerle. Purla began painting in 1989 and his work has sold to many notable collections in Germany, Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland and New York. This work depicts the Scorpion Dreaming which was passed down to him by his grandmother’s family. His works represent the courtship dance between the male and female scorpion. The two animals interlock their pincers and travel back and forward. The tracks that are left in the ground form the basis for Freddy’s works, which powerfully represent the energy and vigour of the many movements made by the scorpions.

Widely exhibited Nationally and Internationally in solo and group shows

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