My Country Mamballi Dreaming


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154 x 171cm

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By Barney Ellaga


Barney Ellaga c 1940 is an elder of the Alawa Community, located on the upper reaches of the Cox and Arnold Rivers, south of the Roper River and west of the Gulf of Carpentaria. His birth country is Mamballi near Hodgson Downs, now called the Miniyerri Community through land claim. He has an intimate knowledge of his country; powerfully portrayed in his vibrant works.  Barney’s use of strong, contrasting colours creates a unique depiction of his land. Each brush stroke represents ‘Alawa’; his Country and ‘His Place’.

Barney’s work has been exhibited in several exhibitions since 1989, with many acquisitions in prominent museums and public collections, including nine paintings acquired by the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.



National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

National Aboriginal Cultural Institute Inc., SA

Kerry Stokes Collection

Laverty Collection, Sydney



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