A Woman’s Dreaming


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60 x 100cm

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By Tania Mpetyane

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In this painting, Tania Bird Mpetyane has shown women’s body paint designs related to ceremonies associated with the abundant bush foods at Urupuntja, Central Desert. Bold bands of ochre pigment are worn by the women on the upper torso and neck during Awelye ceremonies. U- Shapes depict seated women and oval shapes denote their coolamon bowl where the ochre is held in preparation for body painting.
A connection with the fertility of the land and the celebration of the provision of abundant food sources is a recurring theme with the women’s body painting and associated ceremonial designs of the Urupuntja artists. Arcs also represent the hills on her land.
Mpetyane combines both traditional designs and representational elements in her paintings. Her Dreamings are from her home country Mulga Bore (Akaye Soakage); the Angertla (Mountain Devil Lizard), Emu (Unyara), Yam and native grass seeds (Kadjera).
Tania Bird Mpetyane is the daughter of artists Paddy and Eileen Bird and granddaughter of Ada Bird Petyarre (Deceased c1930-2009) whose paintings were acquired by the National Gallery of Australia since 1989.

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