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100 x 200cm

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By Barbara Reid Napangardi


Following in the footprints of her famous mother Ningurra Napurrula, Barbara Reid Napangardi (also known as Kai Kai Reid Napangardi) depicts the mythological events of her ancestors. Her artwork focuses on the travels of her female ancestors, the sacred sites that they passed, the mythological significance of the bush tucker that they collected and the water holes they visited. In mythological times, one old woman, Kutunga Napanangka, passed through this site during her travels towards the east. She passed through numerous sites along the way before arriving at the permanent water site of Muruntji, south west of Mt. Leibig. These travels and rituals help to explain the current customs and the ceremonial lives of these Pintupi women.

Napangardi inherited her traditional desert stories from her parents Yala Yala Gibbs and Ningurra Napurrula, both internationally acclaimed for their paintings- Ningurra’s work features in collections in Paris; Museé du quai Branly,Paris,France and most major Australian galleries.


Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin

Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

National Art Gallery of New Zealand, Wellington

University of Miami, Florida, USA

Lowe Art Museum, Florida, USA

Australian National University, Canberra

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