Annette Ellis Napangardi

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Annette Ellis Napangardi was born in 1961 at Lyalpi, a station 5 miles east of Haast Bluff, N.T. In the same year her family moved to the Aboriginal community at Papunya.  This is where she spent her early years, going to the local school.  It was at this time she learnt the traditional dreaming of her Grandfather, the renowned Indigenous artist Mick Numarani Tjagamarra.  He was one of the first artists to paint for the Papunya Tula arts centre and he taught Annette Ellis the tribal law and the traditional lifestyle of her ancestors. Another renowned artist related to Annette Ellis is Dorothy Napangardi.

In 1994 Annette moved to Alice Springs with her sister, Sarah Bruno Napangardi. Both women are highly regarded Papunya Tula artists.

Like her sister Sarah, Annette Ellis paints the traditional stories of her land including Waterhole Dreaming, Bush Tucker Dreaming, and My Country. These stories are associated with ‘Women’s Dreamings’.

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