Barbara Charles Napaltjarri

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Born on Napperby Station in 1959, Barbara Charles and her husband Michael Tommy Tjapangati are both Anmatyerre speakers. Barbara’s country lies south of Twenty Mile Bore, on both Napperby and Coniston Stations. Her husband Michael is also an established artist.

Her artworks usually depict Snake, Witchetty Grub, and Perentie Dreamings from this area, stories that she also shares with her sister Rachel.

Barbara is a well respected Aboriginal Artist, and began painting in 1983 at Napperby Station. She sometimes painted for Yuelamu Artists while visiting relatives in Mt. Allen. She shares a similar style and Dreamings to her teacher and elder, famous Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri.

In recent years she and her husband have moved from Napperby Station and taken up residence in Mt. Allen. Her work has been shown in several capital cities.

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    Perentie Dreaming

    By Barbara Charles Napaltjarri
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