Lapunga Rock Hole


Tribe: Luritja Area: Central & Western Desert Born: c. 1973 Belinda was born in Papunya in 1973. As a young girl, she was taken into Kintore by her family and there she learned the traditional Dreamtime ceremonies from her Aunt. She has passed all her aboriginal law and the traditional aboriginal lifestyle onto her. At age 16, Belinda was initiated as a woman and given her Dreamtime story which is sand hill dreaming. Her works are a representation of the women’s rock holes amongst the sandhills in Kintore, which are of high significance for the women’s ceremonies in that region. As a teenager, Belinda remained in Kintore with her family where she continued painting and finished her schooling. She then travelled back to Alice Springs as an adult to start her career as a professional artist painting for the tourist market. Because of her beautiful works of art and charisma she was invited to paint for an artist studio. N.T.I.A.S are a team of hard working, enthusiastic art dealers committed to promoting indigenous art and helping aboriginal people and their communities promote their art and culture throughout the Northern Territory. Belinda now paints exclusively for N.T.I.A.S and thoroughly enjoys the environment and services she receives. Belinda is passionate about her culture and her greatest desire is to see a respect for Aboriginal people and their traditional lifestyle.

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