Brendan Farrows

To be Auctioned on July 25th 12 Noon

Brendan Farrows was born in 1993 in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, with Ngarrindjerri heritage on his father’s side and mainly British heritage on his mother’s side .As an emerging artist and dubbed the ‘Pollock of Aboriginal Art’, Farrows dynamic, expressive painting with loose minimalist style are considered to be increasingly collectable as his artistic career progresses. Farrow’s sees himself as a contemporary Indigenous artist reconnecting to his ancestral roots with his approach to the canvas involving layering of abstracted motifs – waterholes, meeting places .His painted stories are recognised not only as cultural records within the traditional Indigenous painting spectrum, but also as distinguished art pieces in the broader context of national and international contemporary painting.

Sacred Walk is a very personal work of the artist, representing a metaphor for his own walk reconnecting with his Ngarrindjerri heritage. Significantly, the artist’s footprints and hand prints connect to important waterholes, meeting places and hunting grounds – the word Ngarrindjerri meaning, ‘belonging to men’. Located middle edge is the artist’s totem- the crow, almost concealed.

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