Elsie Napanangka

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Elsie Granites Napanangka was born in circa 1959 is a Warlpirri woman from Yuendumu, Northern Territory. Napanangka is a founding member and senior artist with Warlukurlangu Artists. Paintings depict Saltlakes of the Mina Mina, Tanimi Desert region of Warlpirri Country. Napanangka depicts the Tjukurrpa or Dreaming story of the journey of Warlpirri women travelling east to gather food and ‘ngalyipi’or snake vines (Tinospora Smilacina) and performing ceremonies as they travelled. The ‘ngalyipi’vine grows as a creeper along the trunks and limbs of the ‘kurrkara’(Desert Oak Trees or Allocasuarina Decaisneana).This vine has sacred significance to the Warlpirri Napangardi and Napamnangka women’s skin groups. At Mina Mina, the ‘karlangu’ or digging sticks emerged from the ground. These important digging sticks were carried by the women easy and sites, including Janyinki, were created. Apart from a ceremonial wrap, the ‘ngalyipi’ is a medicinal wrap for headaches and utilized as a strap for carring ‘parrajas’ or mulga wood coolamon bowls holding bush foods and as a baby cradle.


Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

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