England Bangala

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ARTIST:                    ENGLAND BANGALA

TRIBE:                      GUNARDBA

CLAN:                       AN-NGULIN           


BORN:                       1925 c. – 2001

England Bangala circa 1925 was born  and raised at Gochan Jiny-jirra on the Cadell River in Central Arnhemland. As a young boy he attended the mission school at Millingimbi, an island just off the North Coast of Australia. As he grew older he worked as a farmer and a carpenter at his homeland, then later travelled west to work as a buffalo shooter in the area of Oenpelli.He married and fathered 4 boys and 3 girls.  

As a respected elder and custodian of Gunardba Lore, England's lived in traditional hunter-gatherer society and  participated in important post initiatory customs. 

As a young man, England was taught to paint by his Father.   England's work has received critical acclaim with his paintings represented by most  major collections within Australia and abroad.


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Djomi Museum, Maningrida

Holmes a’ Court Collection, Perth, WA

Museum of Contemporary Art, Maningrida Collection, Sydney

Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

Australian National University, Central Collection, Canberra

Museum and Art Galleries of the N.T, Darwin

Museum of Victoria, Melbourne

Christensen Collection, held at Museum of Victoria, Melbourne


1992 Half Fellowship, Aboriginal Arts Unit of the Australian Council for the Arts

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