Gary Simon Jagamarra

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          Community      –           Walpiri, Northern Territory

            Language         –           Walpiri/Luritja

            Area                  –           Papunya/Haasts Bluff,  NT

         Born                 –           1971

Gary Simon Jagamarra was born on the 3rd June 1971 in the gem field in Claremont, central Queensland. His father is believed to be from Biripi tribe of Northern NSW. 

In 1996, Gary was adopted by one of the senior Elders from the central desert, Rex Granite Japanuka from Walpiri Nation. Gary was then given the Aboriginal skin name of Jagamarra (Snake Dreaming) and has since learnt all the stories, songs, ceremonies and dances associated with both the Walpiri people and Jagamarra is his name.  Gary’s skin group totem is the snake, which means he is not allowed to eat it.  His duty is one of care.

He has devoted his life to learning and maintaining the Dreamings of his ancestors according to Aboriginal law.

Jagamarra paints Dreaming stories  associated with the Story of Nakamara the Goanna and Jagamarra the Snake. Through the land and sites of Warna Warna, their journeys during the Dreaming creation era took place. Their presence established the roots of both Song and land formations of the area and stand as legacy to their totemic importance. Other main Dreamings include the Milky Way, Kangaroo Dreaming, Frog Dreaming and Naapa (Water Dreaming).  

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