Lorna Fencer Napurrula

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Lorna Fencer Napurrula was a Senior Warlpirri Custodian and she began painting her stories on canvas in 1986. Lorna was born circa 1920 at Yartula Yartula. Nearby is land inherited by Lorna, Yumurrpa located south of the Granites Mine Area in the Tanami Desert, Northern Territory. Lorna is among a small group of women who collectively produced the first paintings at Lajamanu.



Lorna’s work depicts the bush foods of her country originating from inherited Dreaming stories taught to her involving the travels of the Napurrula and Nakamarra skin (or kinship) and some Dreaming’s from her father’s country of Wapuurtarli.

Her works depict the bush foods of her country.  Her main Dreamings are about the gathering and growth of bush foods such as the Yarla (Yam), Yappa (Big Potato), Wapirti and Marlujarra. These Dreamings entitle her to paint subjects such as the bush yam (sweet potato), “ngalatji” (little white flower), bush tomato, berry, caterpillar, wallaby, Yulka (wild onion) and certain men’s stories including boomerangs.

1997 Gold Coast City Art Award, Queensland


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Museum of Victoria, Melbourne

Museum & Art Galleries of the N.T, Darwin

Perth Museum

Australian Heritage Commission, Canberra

Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Artbank, Sydney

Laverty Collection, Sydney

Margaret Carnegie Collection

Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Gold Coast

The Holmes à Court Collection, Perth, Western Australia

Christensen Collection (housed at Museum of Victoria)




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