Shaun Angeles Penangke

To be Auctioned on July 25th 12 Noon

Artist Name – Shaun Angeles Penangke
Language Group – Arrente
Country – Alkngirreweltye
Born – 1978
My Country

Shaun Angeles Penangke is an emerging Aboriginal artist whose works are rich in spiritual and cultural meaning. Shaun was born in central desert, in an area near Papunya known as Alkgnwerraltye. He is known for his meticulous, detailed style used to represent Dreamings associated with the land where he lives.

My Country depicts an area of land of great spiritual importance to the artist. The dotted concentric circles represent underground waterholes and bores. In traditional Aboriginal society, knowledge of the location of waterholes was intrinsic to survival and Shaun’s deep connection and understanding of the land is represented in this piece. He uses a palette of rich browns and ochre tones to accurately capture the colours of the desert earth.

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