William King Jungala

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William King was born in 1966 in Katherine in the Northern Territory. The artist began painting and sketching at a young age. In 1994 he was selected among other prominent Aboriginal artists to exhibit in ‘The Gallery of Greater Victoria’, in British Columbia, Canada, as part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations.

William spent most of his childhood with his father and uncles, who as members of the Gurindji tribe, taught and became his mentors. His grandfather, who had travelled extensively across the country and had a close connection with the land, passed down his stories and vast knowledge about the desert to the younger man.

As a result, William’s work is greatly influenced by his grandfather’s teaching and he successfully inter-mingles his own unique style and images with other art styles taken from many locations and experiences.

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  • By William King Jungala
  • Sale! Waterhole Dreaming

    Waterhole Dreaming

    Original price was: $4,800.00.Current price is: $2,800.00.
    By William King Jungala
    Original price was: $4,800.00.Current price is: $2,800.00.
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