Bungle Bungles

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By Beerbee Joongoorra Munganari


Beerbee (Pronounced Birribee) Mungnari was born circa 1927 on Waterloo Station in the Northern Territory and spent many years as a ringer (cowboy) for Jack Kilfoyle on Rosewood Station, located on the W.A. – N. T border. After this stint he went to work on Old Texas Downs.When the Ord River was dammed and formed Lake Argyle, much of the country that Beerbee knew and loved as a stockman was inundated. These places feature strongly in his works.

Beerbee lived in a tiny community south of Texas Downs called Frog Hollow with his large family of several children and grandchildren.

Beerbee’s work depicts the textured ochre painting that has characterised work of the Kimberleys. His work has been included in national and international exhibitions including the USA, Germany, Holland and the UK.


The National Gallery of Victoria

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