Desert Sand Dunes


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84 x 120cm

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By Lilly Kelly Napangardi


Lily Kelly Napangardi

Tribe: Pintupi
Area: Central & Western Desert
Born: 1948

Lilly Kelly Napangardi was born at Haasts Bluff, NT in 1948 and is a senior law woman of the Watiyawanu community. Lily’s works are in many major private as well as public collections throughout the world. In 1986 she won the Northern Territory Art Award and in 2003 she featured in the prestigious Telstra Art Award. Her stories are Women’s Dreaming and are associated with Kunayarri. The subjects of her work encompasses the sand hills, wind and rain quenched country near Mount Liebig, Haasts Bluff and Kintore.

Group Exhibitions
Telstra Awards 2003.
Norther Territory Art Award, 1986.

The Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica, U.S.A.
Holmes A Court Collection
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Queensland Art Gallery
Thomas Vroom Collection, Amsterdam
James Erskine Collection
Artbank, Sydney

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