Goody Barrett

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Artist                          –                       Goody Barrett (also Lilwayi)
Country                      –                       Lizard Station/Ord Station
Gender                       –                       Female
Language                   –                       Kija
Tribe                           –                       Gija
Skin                            –                       Nyawurru
Born                           –                       c. 1926

Goody Barrett was born circa 1926 on Lisssadell Station located north of turkey Creek, now the Argyle Mine region WA, the Kimberleys.  So named by the station owners of the day – The Barretts; she was asked whether she was a “Goody” or a “Baddy”.  Replying that she was a “Goody” so was born her bush name Goody Barrett. Her given Gija name is Lilwayi and her skin is Nyawurru.

The Stories depicted are country paintings, typically hills, creeks and land formations that are The Kimberleys. These are childhood stories , memories, places and include particular dreaming sites for Women she was given as a teenager.

Goody Barrett is one of the last of the original bush painters.  She recalls her days painting with the late Queenie McKenzie and also with Madigan Thomas-‘all us women, sittin , paintin’ together BIG stories’.      

Main story elements include three Dreamtime women who were fishing for barramundi by erecting a large wall like structure built of  of spinifex grass that they pushed down the creek. The barramundi escaped by jumping over the ranges north of Argyle mine leaving its scales at this site that turned into diamonds. The women walked and stood at the edge of the water at Cattle Creek Rockholea or Gawinyin locvated on the Bow River south of Argyle mine. They turned to stone and you can still be seen standing at the water hole today.

Another source of Goody's stories is one of her favourite places called Cuminbah or McKenna Springs  situated on her homeland on Lissadell cattle station. This area is known by the Gija for it's plentiful provisions of rich bush tucker species,great fishing for Black Bream, good water and permanent shade conditions. 

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Lot ID:127; Title:: Flying Fox Creek, 2003 ; Price:$7,200 AUD. Sold @ Sotheby's Melbourne, AU0712, July 24 2007

Lot ID:126; Title:: Mckenna Spring Nganyjarriwoony, 2003 ; Price:$7,800 AUD. Sold @ Sotheby's Melbourne, AU0712, July 24 2007

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    Ord River Dreaming, Mother with the Child on her back (Hills on Country)

    Original price was: $14,000.00.Current price is: $8,800.00.
    By Goody Barrett
    Original price was: $14,000.00.Current price is: $8,800.00.
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    Three Sisters

    Original price was: $14,000.00.Current price is: $8,800.00.
    By Goody Barrett
    Original price was: $14,000.00.Current price is: $8,800.00.
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