Ord River Dreaming, Mother with the Child on her back (Hills on Country)


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120 x 90cm

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By Goody Barrett


Artist                          –                       Goody Barrett (also Lilwayi)

Country                      –                       Lizard Station/Ord Station

Language                   –                       Kija

Tribe                           –                       Gija

Skin                            –                       Nyawurru

Age                             –                       born c. 1926

Title & Date               –                       The Mother with the  Child on her back (Hills on Ord River Station, The Kimberleys), December 2000

Medium                      –                       Natural Pigments on canvas


Goody Barrett was born on Lisssadell Station located north of turkey Creek, now the Argyle Mine region WA, the Kimberleys.  So named by the station owners of the day – The Barretts; she was asked whether she was a “Goody” or a “Baddy”.  Replying that she was a “Goody” so was born her bush name Goody Barrett.

The Stories depicted are country paintings, typically hills, creeks and bungle formations that are The Kimberleys. These are childhood stories , memories, places and include particular dreaming sites for Women she was given as a teenager.

Goody Barrett is one of the last of the original bush painters.  She recalls her days painting with the late Queenie McKenzie and also with Madigan Thomas-‘all us women, sittin , paintin’ together BIG stories’.


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