I would like to share one of my favorite paintings with you. It is a featured piece in our Sydney Gallery called Four Women Travelling by renowned artist Craig Charles.

Craig is a young investment artist with collections in the National Gallery Of Victoria, Museum of Victoria and a recent purchase by Luciano Benneton, Presidedente, Fashion House. Craig is an amazing young artist – someone to collect now. He has smaller pieces ranging from $660 up to the tens of thousands.

Stop by our gallery to view this magnificent piece in person.

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  1. kathy cave

    good morning

    I request permission to use this image of Four Women Travelling by Craig Charlesfour traveling women in a report I plan to do at the end of August. The image is an inspiring way for me to describe the journey I am on with 3 other people in the creation of a new Journal for a volunteer member group involved in Spiritual Direction.

    I will be doing a powerpoint so the image will appear on a screen to about 150 people. No hard copies will be made.

    If you prefer not to allow me to use the image, no worries. I am deeply thankful for the inspiration it has given me.

    Blessings Kathy Cave

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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