Hand Carved & Painted Didjeridoo


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By Michael Lyons


Original  handpicked, termite eaten and hand tuned Didgeridoos by the renowned Michael Lyons.

Michael Lyons only uses ecological wood and ancient traditional methods. He does not drill or hone the inside of the Didgeridoo.

The termites make their home in the Eucalyptus trees, and in the process they eat the internal parts of these trees. It is one of these limbs from the Eucalyptus that Michael Lyons has carefully selected to make your piece.

The wood of the Didgeridoo has been carefully treated.  After Michael has selected the piece, the inside of the Doo is given thorough cleaning using only water and a rod to free the termite core deposit.  He then strips the bark to reveal the wood and the natural beauty.  It is then fine tuned by turning and playing. The mouth piece and sound end are hand carved to remove splinters and rough edges.  The wood is then preserved by ancient means and the surface prepared for his traditional burnt/etched designs using inherited tribal totems such as the  Goanna lizard, Rainbow Serpent, Witchetty grub, honey ants, Sacred sites, waterholes, rivers, and body-painting designs.

These Didgeridoos are not only musical instruments, but traditional artworks, embedded with aboriginal culture & law, with meaningful designs from the dreamtime, and the unique original art of Michael Lyons.


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