Amata Woman’s Dreaming

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84 x 178cm

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By Andrea Nungurrayi


Amata Woman’s Dreaming depicts the birthplace and important sites relating to the artist’s Grandfather & Grandmother in the remote Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara country ( the APY Lands) in the north west of South Australia. The red & pink hues are the Grandmother’s Country and reference birth (red) and the colours of the rich red soils. The general balance and equal synergy of presentation, mirrors the Indigenous worldview of a balanced connection with land, each other & biotic life.

Born near Alice Springs in 1973, Andrea Adamson Nungurrayi  is the daughter of Kukika Adamson. Her work depicts the sacred sites of her birthplace, where dreamings are passed down through the generations and traditional ceremonies are conducted.

Andrea Adamson uses a diverse colour palate to reference the rockholes and sandhills and general form of her country. The convergence of colour, intricate dot work and diverse design elements (wherein people are represented by ‘U’ shaped lines), infuse Adamson’s canvas’ with a rhythm and energy that is joyful and highly dynamic.




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